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Advanced Rocketry Society.  Britain's amateur space programme.

MARS are an enthusiastic and committed group of young individuals who are working "to put Britain back in space" through the development of rockets and rocket related technologies. MARS are not a government agency, MARS are not a company, MARS are an amateur group funded through private donations and corporate sponsorship, the members of which, work not for profit, glory or career advancement, but for the simple reason that they share the common dream that the final frontier is primarily a psychological barrier that is there for every man and woman to strive to break for themselves.

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Twinned websites with Dermot O'Leary on BBC Radio 2

With the recent success of the Titan mission in mind, Radio 2 teamed up with MARS on Jan 15th for a discussion about the group's activities. Welcome listeners, and enjoy the project details on the site. You can follow the Contact Us link if you have any questions, or want to join the group either with skills to offer or simply to be kept updated about our activities. Also, please visit our sponsors on the left who have helped make our projects possible.

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M.A.R.S. congratulates Scaled

M.A.R.S. send their best wishes to Burt Rutan and the rest of the team at Scaled Composites for today's launch of SpaceShipOne which was piloted by Mike Melvill more than 100km above the Earth, making the first flight of a non-governmental aircraft across the boundary of space.

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B4 Flight Test Setbacks

The planned launches of Deimos Odyssey for 2003 failed to get very far from the surface of Black Rock Desert playa where they were to start.

Despite being loaded onto the launch tower 3 times over the weekend, none resulted in a successful launch.

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MARS rocket is go for launch in Black Rock Desert.

The MARS launch Team are now at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada ready for an attempt to break their existing altitude records in 3 categories. A new Media site is available for members of the press and other media to access news and high resolution images and information. Please Contact us for the link and a valid login.

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